[How to hang roasted crispy young pigeons]_The common practice of hang roasted crispy young pigeons _How to hang roasted crispy young pigeons _How to hang roasted crispy young pigeons

[How to hang roasted crispy young pigeons]_The common practice of hang roasted crispy young pigeons _How to hang roasted crispy young pigeons _How to hang roasted crispy young pigeons

Now let ‘s introduce the method of roasting crispy skinny pigeons. After you watch them, remember to do it yourself.

Only by doing it can you learn to cook.


1 Drain the maltose water over the whole body of the pigeons and make them even.

After dripping with maltose water, the young pigeons are hung with iron hooks and air-dried for about 4-6 hours.



The light milk pigeon is washed, chopped off the feet, and added to the steel fine pot. The steel fine pot is pre-filled with 1000 g of spice seasoning water, onion knots, ginger cubes, and then boiled over low heat for 30 minutes (burn the aroma)Cook for about 10 minutes, mature, and remove.


Put lettuce oil in a hot pot. When it is 80% hot, place the pigeons in the hedgerow. Use iron hook to dip the oil into the belly of the pigeon, and then continue to pour the oil on the skin of the pigeon.To golden yellow.


Cut off the pigeon head, tail, wings, pigeon body, cut two pieces, cut three pieces with a diagonal knife (each cut into six pieces), use a long waist basin, put the pigeon head, tail, wings, pigeon body,In the shape of a young pigeon, two young pigeons are placed opposite each other.

Seeing this, you also fully understand the thorough practice of hanging roasted crispy young pigeons.

I hope you can practice as soon as you master the practice.

Only by accelerating your practice can you accelerate the enjoyment of delicious food.

[Can dandelion drink during menstruation?】 _Physiological period_Can I drink

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[How long can steamed eggplant be cooked]_cooking time_making time

[How long can steamed eggplant be cooked]_cooking time_making time

Compared to other cooking methods, steamed eggplant has the least fat and is the healthiest cooking method.

But we also know that it can affect the taste very much if it is not steamed all at once.

So how long can steamed eggplants be cooked?

What do you need to pay attention to when steaming eggplant?

How to steam the eggplant with a sense of coexistence with nutrition?

There are many ways to steam eggplants, so I ‘ve introduced a few of the most common practices that I hope will help everyone.

How long does it take to steam eggplant?

If it is white-skinned eggplant, first cut the eggplant in half and steam it in the pan for five minutes. The white eggplant skin is thin and tender, so it only takes five minutes to steam through.

If it is red-skinned eggplant, the skin is thicker, so the eggplant is cut and steamed for 10-15 minutes before it is cooked through.

Round eggplant must be cut into small pieces and steamed in the pot.

If you are not sure if it is ripe, you can use chopsticks to prick the eggplant, so that you can determine whether the eggplant is ripe or not.

Be sure to cover the lid when steaming some kind of eggplant.

Home made steamed eggplant 1.

After the eggplants are cleaned, peeled and cut into strips, and arrange them neatly in the dish; 2.

2. Chop the pork into mince for later use, wash the bell peppers and cut into diced, put the eggplant in the pot;

Steam for ten minutes, then pour the oil into a wok, add minced garlic and pepper to stir fry; 4.

Add minced meat and stir fry until discolored, pour soy sauce and cooking wine, add sugar; 5.

5. Stir-fry evenly, pour in bell peppers, continue to stir-fry, and then add salt to taste; 6.

Turn off the flames, squeeze the eggplants into water, and pour the diced bell peppers.

Ancient steamed eggplant materials: 450g eggplant, 40g shredded pork, 30g shiitake shred, 5g shredded ginger, 5g shredded jujube, 30g oyster sauce, 15g sugar, 5g chicken powder, 5g saltGong Practice 1.

Wash the eggplant, cut into long strips and cut flowers, and blanch with boiling water for about 20 seconds; shred the pork with boiling water until cooked.


The pork shreds, shiitake shreds, tender ginger shreds, jujube shreds, and all seasonings are mixed together.


Take a plate, spread the eggplant from method 1 on the bottom, place the material from method 2 on it, and finally put it in a steamer and steam over medium high heat for about 5 minutes.

Steamed white-skinned eggplant Ingredients: 250g white eggplant Seasoning: appropriate amount of salt, 5 cloves of garlic, green onion instead, lard with garlic and garlic: 1. Fresh and tender white eggplant.

2. Use a knife to cut in half so that it is easy to steam.

3. Put the steamer in the steamer for about 5 minutes.

4. Use this skill to pat the garlic into the mud for future use.

After 5 or 5 minutes, the eggplant was steamed and the water underneath turned brown.

6. Quickly clip the eggplant and put it in a basin.

7. Add the mashed garlic.

8. Moderate amount of fine salt and lard.

9. Quickly stir in the flavor with chopsticks, sprinkle with green onions and eat.

The effectiveness of steamed eggplant Eggplant is an essential vegetable on the table of ordinary people. As everyone knows, this seemingly inconspicuous home-cooked dish is not only rich in nutrition, but also has good therapeutic effects for patients with hypertension.

Eggplant contains protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, calcium and calcium, phosphorus, iron and many other nutrients, especially vitamin P.

Vitamin P can enhance the adhesion between human cells, improve the fragility of blood vessels, and prevent small blood vessels from bleeding.

Purple eggplant contains up to 720 milligrams of vitamin P per 100 grams of purple eggplant, which is outstanding in vegetables and unmatched by ordinary fruits.Eggplant has the functions of clearing heat and stopping bleeding, reducing swelling and stopping before. It is suitable for heat poisonous scabies, skin retention, sore tongue, blood under the hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, and blood in the boil.

In addition, the saponin contained in eggplant cellulose also has the effect of reducing hemodialysis. It cooperates with vitamin P and becomes a good vegetable for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Eat eggplant regularly to prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and hemorrhagic purpura.

How can I tremble when I eat diet pills?


How can I tremble when I eat diet pills?

Hotline call Miss Yu: I am a Ningbo person and opened a beauty salon.

Because a company in Nanjing, Hangzhou, purchased a diet pill called 鈥淵u Yu鈥? three customers trembled after eating, and went to my store to complain.

銆€銆€Ms. Yu said that I have opened a beauty salon in a small town in Ningbo.

In May of this year, a salesman who claimed to be a Hangzhou branch of a company in Nanjing came to the door to sell a diet pill named 鈥淵u Yu鈥? The salesman blew the weight-loss drug and said that there was no side effect after taking the drug.and many more.

銆€銆€But my three customers trembled and fatigued after taking the medicine. One of them was particularly serious and went to the hospital to hang the hanging needle and spent more than 800 yuan on medical expenses.

銆€銆€So, I came to Hangzhou with one of the customers, and the person in charge of the company was also very bad, and she looked like she was unreasonable.

銆€銆€Merchant: Who knows if the diet pills are bad? According to Mr. Huo of the branch office, it is a special case that the accident occurred in this beauty salon in Ningbo.

Our diet pills are fruit tree fibers, and there is no complication to the body. The situation of Miss Yu’s customers may be individual differences.

銆€銆€The next day, the head of the company, Mr. Li, said: Why is it that our diet pills are bad?

If the situation is true, can Miss Yu show the doctor’s certificate?

銆€銆€(Miss Yu said that the customer has been hanging the needle more than two months ago, was seen in a small clinic, and now can not get the doctor’s certificate.

The reporter once called a company headquarters in Nanjing, a staff member said that they do not have this branch, and there is no “缇藉” diet pills this product.

Industry and Commerce Office: The product of this store has been temporarily detained by Mr. Jin from the Wenxin Industrial and Commercial Office. After receiving the complaint from Miss Yu, the industry and commerce went to the company for investigation.

At that time, the company had only one employee present. He said that the boss was not there, and he did not cooperate with the business.

銆€銆€The employee only took out a copy of the business license of a company in Nanjing, and a copy of the relevant health permit and drug license, and the copy did not have legal effect, so the industry and commerce temporarily seized their weight loss products and cosmetics.

銆€銆€Expert: may be diarrhea-type diet pills according to the clinical clinical treatment of the city of a hospital preventive health section of the doctor said: there are many kinds of diet pills, such as diarrhea, anorexia and so on.

Take diet pills, usually have oral, no side effects are advertising blows.

銆€銆€There are many reasons for the trembling after taking it, and there are individual differences. Some people are very sensitive to drugs.

It may be that the diet pills are diarrhea-type, and the customer causes a low potassium and low calcium condition after the service, and there is a trembling phenomenon.

In such cases, stop taking it immediately.

銆€銆€Lawyers said that Zhang Liang, a law firm in Zhejiang, said: If it is a consumer-free operation of selling counterfeit products without a license, it will bear civil liability.

The competent department shall, according to the situation, make corresponding administrative sanctions. If the circumstances seriously constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.

銆€銆€For the loss caused by the consumer’s use of the product, the beauty salon may be required to pay compensation, and the beauty salon may recover the compensation from the unlicensed operator.

For the loss of goods, the beauty salon can handle the contract according to the sale and purchase between the two parties, and can request the termination of the contract and compensation for the loss.

Chinese medicine suggests that winter health begins with white food


Chinese medicine suggests that winter health begins with white food

Today is the 24th solar term, and the arrival of winter is a symbol of the beginning of winter.

The cold wind is rising, and the days when the weather is cold are also the moments that people can’t miss.

In the south of the South, people in the winter like to eat chicken, duck and fish. In the north, people like to eat dumplings.

Why do you want to eat dumplings in the winter?

Because the dumplings are a statement of curling “when the date of the cross.”

The New Year’s Eve is the turn of the old year and the New Year. The winter is the turn of the autumn and winter seasons. Therefore, the dumplings at the time of “handing over” cannot be eaten.

銆€銆€Speaking of tonic, when the weather turns cold, many small problems are also alternating, cold hands and feet, back pain, dry throat, mouth ulcers and other symptoms are easy to appear.

In fact, these small problems can be eliminated through dietary adjustment.

From the point of view of TCM health, the winter diet should be light, eat less oil, less salt, more fruits and vegetables, and quit warm, spicy and stimulating things.

So what should I eat in the winter?

Experts believe that from the perspective of five elements and five colors of health, after the winter, more “white” food should be absorbed to maintain health, and the benefits are significant.

銆€銆€The most nutritious winter of cabbage is the best season for eating Chinese cabbage. When eating, the choice of cabbage is often concerned.

In fact, the big gang of cabbage contains chlorophyll, and it is expected that the fiber and other nutrients far exceed the inner leaves of cabbage and the heart of cabbage.

銆€銆€鑽歌崰 Nutritional benefits are many, also known as horseshoes, sweet and cold, with the effect of clearing heat and fluid, diuresis and phlegm; suitable for fever, thirst, cough and other complications.

Modern medicine has also confirmed the antibacterial effect contained in sputum.

In addition, 鑽歌崰 also has the effect of preventing cancer and lowering blood pressure.

銆€銆€Garlic miso – In the winter drought, people are prone to colds, fever, coughing, and recommend a hot and refreshing diet for you to learn.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 150 grams of fresh oysters, 3 petals of garlic, salt, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil.

銆€銆€Method: Wash, peel, cut into thin slices, soak in light salt water, remove and drain after 10 minutes, put in the dish, sprinkle with salt for 15 minutes, filter out the salt water; wash the garlic, smash the fine, sprinkleOn the bracts; put the pot on the fire, put sugar, vinegar, dissolve the white sugar, pour on the bracts, quickly cover with a bowl, add sesame oil and mix well after 10 minutes.

銆€銆€Efficacy: heat and phlegm, Shengjin Lishui.

It is suitable for fever cough, dry mouth and thirst, and more urinary redness.

銆€銆€Yam tonifying kidney effect strong yam has spleen and diarrhea, kidney function, with blue fish meat to enhance the strength of spleen and Qi.

This dish is delicious and fresh, and has a better health care effect on kidney disease.

銆€銆€Yam fried fish fillet – suitable for the treatment of qi and kidney in winter.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 250 grams of herring meat (grass fish), 150 grams of fresh yam, raw flour, cooking wine, onion, ginger, salt, oil amount.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the green fish meat, slice it, mix well with raw flour.

Wash the slices with fresh yam; from the oil pan, pour the onion, ginger and musk, then pour in the fillets, stir fry the mountain, add the wine, onion, ginger, salt and stir-fry.

銆€銆€Efficacy: spleen and Qi.

If the spleen is low, it will be eaten.

5 benefits of winter vinegar soaking feet moisturize skin


5 benefits of winter vinegar soaking feet moisturize skin

In “The Deaf People”: “All kinds of fruit, cough and health” is the effect of vinegar.

Drinking vinegar often in daily life can eliminate the effect of fatigue by softening blood vessels.

Many MMs will have cold hands and feet in the winter, dull skin and no elasticity. So, how does MM care for skin in winter?

We can use vinegar and water to clean the skin, transform the skin to absorb nutrients, thereby enhancing the skin’s vitality and softening the skin; and we can also use vinegar to soak the feet, compress, strengthen the body and moisturize the skin.

Here we will introduce the five major benefits of using vinegar to soak the feet: strong body health Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the root of the human, the reflective area with important therapeutic value is enough 75, often with vinegar soaking feet and meridians, promoting gasBlood runs to help balance yin and yang.

Long-term adherence to vinegar soaking feet can not only improve sleep quality, but also improve the body’s strength and resistance.

銆€銆€Decompression often uses vinegar to soak the feet, which can coordinate the degree of excitability of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, thereby regulating and relaxing the originally nervous nerves.

Especially white-collar workers who work in the daytime often use vinegar to soak their feet. In addition to relieving the muscles of the feet in high heels, they can also exert decompression on the body.

銆€銆€Promote blood circulation In winter, the coldness of hands and feet is caused by the circulation of blood in the body. The use of vinegar soaking feet can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve the hypoxia caused by long-term immobilization or fatigue of various parts of the body, enhance metabolism, and improve.Cold hands and feet.

銆€銆€Improve athlete’s foot Many people have athlete’s foot disease, that is, friends in Hong Kong’s feet will be very annoyed, the feet will always be itchy, peeling, and smell, are the consequences of dust infection.

Therefore, the foot can be sterilized by vinegar soaking the foot, but try to ensure that the foot can be used to soak the feet with vinegar without damage, which can improve the athlete’s condition.

銆€銆€Moisturizing the skin Many MMs have dry cracks in the skin of the feet in the winter. At this time, it is not hindered to try to use the vinegar to soak for one week. It will be noticed that the skin of the alternate feet becomes smooth, and the skin of the body and the face becomeMore and more lustrous, high moisture.

銆€銆€The above is the five benefits of vinegar soaking feet in winter. Vinegar is a very good skin care food. We can also mix vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of 5:1, then apply it on the face, stick to it, and use the skin to be delicate and smooth.Reduce the growth of wrinkles!

So you love beauty, hurry and try it!