[Cauldron barbecue]_how to make_how to make

[Cauldron barbecue]_how to make_how to make

Modern people’s living standards have improved, and they no longer simply pursue fullness. In fact, modern people have become more particular about eating.

We must always be full, eat better, eat healthy, and eat deliciously.

I am used to the big fish and meat on weekdays, so I do n’t want to have a large pot of barbecued meat.

Cauldron barbecue is a classic and famous dish. Just prepare the right amount of beef, mushrooms, lettuce and other side dishes to make this gourmet.

Cauldron barbecue is a gourmet dish made from pork, beef, and sauerkraut.

It has a unique flavor and a long history. After cooking, the meat can be made into a variety of delicious dishes, and has a strong aroma and delicious taste, which can greatly increase appetite.

Ingredients details: appropriate amount of beef, four or five shiitake mushrooms, half an onion, appropriate amount of lettuce, four cloves of garlic, peanuts, and appropriate amount of Daxi barbecue sauce.

The whole process takes about half an hour and is very simple.

Suggested practice steps: 1. Marinate the meat slices with barbecue sauce in advance for twenty minutes.

Ready to eat the dipping sauce for roasted meat, roast the fragrant peanuts to the red coat, mash the ground peanuts, add paprika and cumin powder, and mix well with the salt.

Brush the pan with oil. After the temperature rises, add beef and start frying.

Remember to turn it over, the browned on both sides will be replaced with some oil (then you can roast vegetables and brush oil).

Take a piece of lettuce, dip the roasted beef with ground peanuts and dried peppers, add a piece of roasted meat and wrap, and you’re ready to eat.

Very simple and delicious.

And beef is especially effective for building muscle.

Increase immunity, promote the metabolism and synthesis of protein, thereby strengthening the body’s recovery after stressful training.

It can also promote rehabilitation to improve the body’s ability to resist disease, and it is convenient for people who grow and develop after surgery and recuperate after illness to supplement blood loss and repair tissue.

Eating more beef helps in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.