Silly woman can always catch happiness


Silly woman can always catch happiness

It is said that good steel should be used on the blade. This savvy is also that if you use the savvy in your feelings, then you have to lose.

銆€銆€Women tend to fall in love with smart men, and the intelligence she wants often has little to do with IQ.

The straightforward point of speaking is the attitude of men to women, that is, EQ.

I hope that his mouth is sweet like honey, smiles like gentle flowers, add some romance and talent, just enough for them to love like a fool.

銆€銆€Women hate men for their deep feelings. If a smart man likes to swallow love, he will be considered by a woman to be a beech.

Because women are emotional animals, born with a lack of security, they want to feel the love of men directly from the language or action, rather than trying to figure out the virtual warmth.

From this point of view, women are innocently innocent.

銆€銆€Men are more complicated. They want women to be smart and women to be smarter than themselves.

Or hope that women have wise thoughts, but the appearance is beautiful.

In front of women, men like to be strong, like to let women attach to him.

It can also be polished from this point. In some respects, men are weaker than women because men are afraid that women will surpass him.

Therefore, women with high academic qualifications have always been left out.

銆€銆€It is said that women are made of water, a natural skeleton, and a beautiful appearance.

When you are wronged, when you are sad, your tears can flow freely.

But this does not mean that it is fragile, but shows that women are more realistic than men, and the tenacity in the bones is actually beyond the reach of men.

銆€銆€Men do not easily release fragility. His vulnerability is generally only seen by two people. One is a person he is familiar with or meets on a daily basis. He expresses his vulnerability only because it does not matter. Their relationship may have become like drinking water.habit.

The other is the person he loves. He will unconsciously use the way of coquetry or dependence to get comfort while eating, smiling, gazing, and even sleeping.

銆€銆€A woman who falls in love with a man will pay attention to details. She will be fascinated by some of his characteristics or an expression. Someone falls in love with his straight nose, handsome eyebrows, and even falls in love with his smile. She just looks at her heart.Already a soft turn, she is always attached to his father, and sometimes pampered as a child, the deeper the love, the more emotional, changeable, difficult to control.

Therefore, men sometimes have confused women’s feelings and feel that women are unreasonable.

銆€銆€If a woman loses, she will lose to a “love”.

They will treat love as a fragment, admit their desperate determination, and gamble on her future. The tenacity and belief expressed in it are men’s incomprehensible.

Their attitude is persistent, regardless of the retreat, life and death.

So the man only hides aside, pretending to ridicule the woman’s “blindness” of love to hide the inner feelings.

At this time, women are fools without exception, while men are people who look at flowers across the bank.

銆€銆€Finally one day we discovered that stupid women always hold happiness.

3 sports that are most beneficial to men


3 sports that are most beneficial to men

They are always the match of the ball or the competition of the physical strength. They are all good hands.

They are very active in sports, and studies have shown that moderate physical exercise can maintain endocrine stability, regulate immune function, thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

But do you know what sports are most likely?

銆€銆€Men prefer sports, so they prefer exercise, compared to women, whether it is ball confrontation or physical competition, they are a good hand.

They are very active in sports, and studies have shown that moderate physical exercise can maintain endocrine stability, regulate immune function, thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
But do you know what sports are most likely?

銆€銆€That is swimming!

But why is this?

Because according to the latest report in USA Today, if men can insist on swimming for 30 minutes every day, the possibility of prostate cancer will be greatly reduced, and if the military is riding a bicycle and gymnastics, the probability of prostate cancer is higher than that of swimmers.30%.

The reason is that venous exercise can cause congestion and edema of the prostate and cause prostate disease.

Therefore, the amount of exercise and the intensity of exercise as well as the control of events can not be ignored.

銆€銆€The choice of the first exercise intensity must be adjusted according to your own habits and age.

銆€銆€Second, don’t choose sports that are too vertical, such as running, cycling, etc.

銆€銆€The last thing is to control the time, preferably at 30?
45 minutes, too short or too short are bad for the body.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is recommended that male friends can insist on swimming for 30 minutes every day, mainly because swimming can improve disease resistance and promote blood and lymph circulation in the prostate.

In addition, swimming for prostate cancer patients can help to better absorb drugs, thereby improving the efficacy of drugs, transformation of neurological disorders and neurasthenia and other symptoms have also improved.

How can I tremble when I eat diet pills?


How can I tremble when I eat diet pills?

Hotline call Miss Yu: I am a Ningbo person and opened a beauty salon.

Because a company in Nanjing, Hangzhou, purchased a diet pill called 鈥淵u Yu鈥? three customers trembled after eating, and went to my store to complain.

銆€銆€Ms. Yu said that I have opened a beauty salon in a small town in Ningbo.

In May of this year, a salesman who claimed to be a Hangzhou branch of a company in Nanjing came to the door to sell a diet pill named 鈥淵u Yu鈥? The salesman blew the weight-loss drug and said that there was no side effect after taking the drug.and many more.

銆€銆€But my three customers trembled and fatigued after taking the medicine. One of them was particularly serious and went to the hospital to hang the hanging needle and spent more than 800 yuan on medical expenses.

銆€銆€So, I came to Hangzhou with one of the customers, and the person in charge of the company was also very bad, and she looked like she was unreasonable.

銆€銆€Merchant: Who knows if the diet pills are bad? According to Mr. Huo of the branch office, it is a special case that the accident occurred in this beauty salon in Ningbo.

Our diet pills are fruit tree fibers, and there is no complication to the body. The situation of Miss Yu’s customers may be individual differences.

銆€銆€The next day, the head of the company, Mr. Li, said: Why is it that our diet pills are bad?

If the situation is true, can Miss Yu show the doctor’s certificate?

銆€銆€(Miss Yu said that the customer has been hanging the needle more than two months ago, was seen in a small clinic, and now can not get the doctor’s certificate.

The reporter once called a company headquarters in Nanjing, a staff member said that they do not have this branch, and there is no “缇藉” diet pills this product.

Industry and Commerce Office: The product of this store has been temporarily detained by Mr. Jin from the Wenxin Industrial and Commercial Office. After receiving the complaint from Miss Yu, the industry and commerce went to the company for investigation.

At that time, the company had only one employee present. He said that the boss was not there, and he did not cooperate with the business.

銆€銆€The employee only took out a copy of the business license of a company in Nanjing, and a copy of the relevant health permit and drug license, and the copy did not have legal effect, so the industry and commerce temporarily seized their weight loss products and cosmetics.

銆€銆€Expert: may be diarrhea-type diet pills according to the clinical clinical treatment of the city of a hospital preventive health section of the doctor said: there are many kinds of diet pills, such as diarrhea, anorexia and so on.

Take diet pills, usually have oral, no side effects are advertising blows.

銆€銆€There are many reasons for the trembling after taking it, and there are individual differences. Some people are very sensitive to drugs.

It may be that the diet pills are diarrhea-type, and the customer causes a low potassium and low calcium condition after the service, and there is a trembling phenomenon.

In such cases, stop taking it immediately.

銆€銆€Lawyers said that Zhang Liang, a law firm in Zhejiang, said: If it is a consumer-free operation of selling counterfeit products without a license, it will bear civil liability.

The competent department shall, according to the situation, make corresponding administrative sanctions. If the circumstances seriously constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.

銆€銆€For the loss caused by the consumer’s use of the product, the beauty salon may be required to pay compensation, and the beauty salon may recover the compensation from the unlicensed operator.

For the loss of goods, the beauty salon can handle the contract according to the sale and purchase between the two parties, and can request the termination of the contract and compensation for the loss.

Chinese medicine suggests that winter health begins with white food


Chinese medicine suggests that winter health begins with white food

Today is the 24th solar term, and the arrival of winter is a symbol of the beginning of winter.

The cold wind is rising, and the days when the weather is cold are also the moments that people can’t miss.

In the south of the South, people in the winter like to eat chicken, duck and fish. In the north, people like to eat dumplings.

Why do you want to eat dumplings in the winter?

Because the dumplings are a statement of curling “when the date of the cross.”

The New Year’s Eve is the turn of the old year and the New Year. The winter is the turn of the autumn and winter seasons. Therefore, the dumplings at the time of “handing over” cannot be eaten.

銆€銆€Speaking of tonic, when the weather turns cold, many small problems are also alternating, cold hands and feet, back pain, dry throat, mouth ulcers and other symptoms are easy to appear.

In fact, these small problems can be eliminated through dietary adjustment.

From the point of view of TCM health, the winter diet should be light, eat less oil, less salt, more fruits and vegetables, and quit warm, spicy and stimulating things.

So what should I eat in the winter?

Experts believe that from the perspective of five elements and five colors of health, after the winter, more “white” food should be absorbed to maintain health, and the benefits are significant.

銆€銆€The most nutritious winter of cabbage is the best season for eating Chinese cabbage. When eating, the choice of cabbage is often concerned.

In fact, the big gang of cabbage contains chlorophyll, and it is expected that the fiber and other nutrients far exceed the inner leaves of cabbage and the heart of cabbage.

銆€銆€鑽歌崰 Nutritional benefits are many, also known as horseshoes, sweet and cold, with the effect of clearing heat and fluid, diuresis and phlegm; suitable for fever, thirst, cough and other complications.

Modern medicine has also confirmed the antibacterial effect contained in sputum.

In addition, 鑽歌崰 also has the effect of preventing cancer and lowering blood pressure.

銆€銆€Garlic miso – In the winter drought, people are prone to colds, fever, coughing, and recommend a hot and refreshing diet for you to learn.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 150 grams of fresh oysters, 3 petals of garlic, salt, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil.

銆€銆€Method: Wash, peel, cut into thin slices, soak in light salt water, remove and drain after 10 minutes, put in the dish, sprinkle with salt for 15 minutes, filter out the salt water; wash the garlic, smash the fine, sprinkleOn the bracts; put the pot on the fire, put sugar, vinegar, dissolve the white sugar, pour on the bracts, quickly cover with a bowl, add sesame oil and mix well after 10 minutes.

銆€銆€Efficacy: heat and phlegm, Shengjin Lishui.

It is suitable for fever cough, dry mouth and thirst, and more urinary redness.

銆€銆€Yam tonifying kidney effect strong yam has spleen and diarrhea, kidney function, with blue fish meat to enhance the strength of spleen and Qi.

This dish is delicious and fresh, and has a better health care effect on kidney disease.

銆€銆€Yam fried fish fillet – suitable for the treatment of qi and kidney in winter.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 250 grams of herring meat (grass fish), 150 grams of fresh yam, raw flour, cooking wine, onion, ginger, salt, oil amount.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the green fish meat, slice it, mix well with raw flour.

Wash the slices with fresh yam; from the oil pan, pour the onion, ginger and musk, then pour in the fillets, stir fry the mountain, add the wine, onion, ginger, salt and stir-fry.

銆€銆€Efficacy: spleen and Qi.

If the spleen is low, it will be eaten.

Pork belly fried radish delicious and healthy autumn and winter seasons


Pork belly fried radish delicious and healthy autumn and winter seasons

鈥淲inter eating radish and eating ginger in the summer鈥? the knowledge of health supplements tells us that the season of eating ginger is about to pass, the season of our radishes is also coming, deeply thinking that the radish with ginger and meat is delicious, so comeBe a pork belly fried radish, you can catch the health and want to cook, you can do this very delicious meal, you will love.

Ang, that is, the green radish that I buy now is a bit hard, not very good, and it is a test of the knife. It can also verify whether the kitchen knife in your home is fast enough. Generally, I cut meat, potatoes, radishes and the like at the bottom of the plate.The prominent place is ground down, um, the effect is very good, if the friends have a short knife at home, you can try it.

Side dishes: pork belly, green radish, shallot, ginger, millet spicy 1, pork belly slices, green radish shredded, ginger shredded, millet spicy and shallot shredded, the shallot used here is scallions, more flavorfulThe side dish is cut into the spare green radish and shredded 2, the pork in the pot under the hot oil, stir-fried with small fire, and the pork with a slight yellowed oil, you can put the onion ginger and millet spicy stir-fry flavored pork belly, small fire, stir-fried onion, ginger and garlic.And the peppers are placed in the pot 3, add the green radish and stir fry, put the salt, soy sauce and stir the soy sauce to taste, add the pot lid, stir fry in 2 minutes, until the radish juice is soft and ready to serve.

Green radish, silk, pot, pork belly, radish, silk cover, quince, pork, radish, silk, pork belly, radish, saut茅ed cabbage, pork belly, fried radish, after the pot, it is very fragrant, super delicious, also very good, with a stir-fryCabbage, um, heavy taste with light, a meal with a vegetarian meal.

Nowadays, the green radish is very hard. When the shredded pork is a little hard, the pork belly is frozen, and it is cut out when it is slightly frozen. It is better to cut it when it is hard.

Experts have analyzed toxic Chinese medicine

Experts have analyzed “toxic” Chinese medicine

Tian Yuan: How to understand the side effects of Chinese herbal medicine?
銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: Poisonous like aconite, croton, raw southern star, raw pinellia, arsenic, mercury, etc., history has been recorded.
There are also regulations today. The Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Health stipulate that 48 species are highly toxic, and it is called poison.
There are so many varieties of traditional Chinese medicine, there are poisonous, non-toxic, that Shennong Baicaojing, 360 kinds, of which 120 kinds are Jun, non-toxic, can be served for a long time, and do not hurt people.
Said side effects, you eat more rhubarb and diarrhea.
This toxic side effect, Chinese medicine is so to see, this drug is poisonous to use this poison; this drug is biased, that is, side effects, use this side effect.
銆€銆€Tian Yuan: Use the bias of the drug to correct the body’s bias.
This “drug attack” non-Western medicine “to poison attack” also!
銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: Right.
It is a cure.
For example, the aconite thing, it is the most powerful in warm medicine, what does it mean?
Just like the exam, it is the first place in all warm medicines, and it has the most power.
To what extent?
Big enough to save the dead.
This sounds very mysterious, you may not believe it, but it has a theoretical basis and has been clinically verified.
Because the aconite is a drug of the yang, and it is a poisonous drug, this is its bias.
It is also a kind of bias from birth to death, which is very understandable.
Therefore, the aconite saves people by relying on this bias, pulling the dying person back from the ghost gate, just like the child playing the seesaw, while the side is too heavy, sitting on a big fat man, the other side will also be heavy, give himBring it down and restore balance.
銆€銆€Tian Yuan: Your metaphor is very vivid.
So why does Aconite have such a property?
銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: This has a lot to do with its origin.
Aconite is produced in Sichuan Jiangyou, and only the aconite produced here is authentic.
This place is located in the southwestern Sichuan Basin. The hydrothermal conditions are very good. The theory explained by Chinese medicine is that it is thick here, and the earth can hide the fire, that is, the yang is concentrated in the aconite.
Let’s talk about the growth characteristics of aconite, the aconite winter solstice, and the summer solstice harvest.
What is the concept of the winter solstice to the summer solstice?
During the winter solstice to summer solstice, the yang is getting longer, the yin is getting worse, the weather is getting hotter, the human body is good, the plants are good, and all are in a stage where life activities are becoming more and more active, reflecting the “fire.””Thinking of the pole”, “to eliminate the yin with fire” is such an idea.
Therefore, the collection of aconites conforms to such a law of life.
銆€銆€The unique origin of the aconite is its “land”, and the law of the abundance of the aconite is its “dao”, which is the “earth” of authentic herbs.
銆€銆€Speaking of Aconite, I think of one more. You will be interested in this. It is a thing used in the processing of Aconite. It is very interesting.
You know that Sichuan has a place called Zigong. This place is famous for two things. One is that it produces dinosaur fossils, and the other is the production of well salt. The alias of Zigong is called “salt capital.”
What is well salt?
It is to draw salt water from the ground, and then use the pot to control it. When you finally have two things left, one is salt and the other is daring.
Salt is yang, and daring is yin.
The tofu we eat is divided into gypsum tofu and brine tofu. This brine tofu is made with gallbladder. When the gallbladder water is put into the soy milk, it is formed. It is no longer soy milk and becomes tofu.
Explain in Chinese medicine theory, what is the reason?
“Nei Jing” wrote: “Yanghua gas, yin formation.
“Cholesterol is negative, so it can make soy milk.
We often eat tofu, but we can’t think of it here.The ancients can think of this, can we now think of this?

I do not believe.

銆€銆€Some of our medicines are both food and medicine. Recently, there is a Chinese medicine health food. The Ministry of Health has documents, which were 81 kinds, and later increased to 114 kinds, which can be used for food.

銆€銆€Tian Yuan: It’s very expressive to hear you talk so much.

However, in the eyes of the current people, Chinese herbal medicine has become a concept, like the current Sanqi toothpaste, can these things really work for life?

銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: Sanqi stopped bleeding without saying anything wrong, how much rested in the toothpaste, it does not work, then I dare not say it; I have to say this medicine, you said that the six gods dew in the water, honeysuckle, the honeysuckle is detoxification, the mosquitoIsn’t it a bitch, it’s poison, it’s right to clear away heat and detoxification, of course, I don’t know how much you put.

Nowadays, many companies have spoiled Chinese medicine, and we are holding these treasures to make money.

You look at the newspaper, this opening, how many private hospitals opened in Beijing?

All Western medicine can’t cure, they can cure.

We can’t do anything.

This is also true of many Western medicine practitioners. If you look for Chinese medicine to regulate and regulate, you can push it to us without any means. As a result, we have become our responsibility without being cured. What is this?

There are still many Western medicines that open traditional Chinese medicines, and a large number of Chinese medicines are used. The sales of 80% of our proprietary Chinese medicines are prescribed by Western medicine. Western medicine is used by various subjects.

銆€銆€Tian Yuan: Western medicine opens Chinese medicine. Isn’t that a mess?

銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: When he was in a mess, he slammed the instructions and then introduced the salesman, and the drug could cure the disease and he went out.

He doesn’t care, he is brave!

He dared to use Chinese medicine.

We say that Western medicine or Chinese medicine is good, and we must use it in the case of syndrome differentiation.

In addition, our proprietary Chinese medicines also have prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and they are not used casually.

銆€銆€Tian Yuan: If Western medicine reopens proprietary Chinese medicine, what should patients do?

銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: You don’t have to give the patient an idea, you can give the doctor an idea.

銆€銆€Tian Yuan: What is the idea for Western medicine?

銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: It is necessary to solve the problem from the roots.

You Western medicine also learns a little bit of Chinese medicine, otherwise your level will not work.

If you are a Chinese medicine practitioner, you must have an ink case for dialectical medicine. It is a medical record. What disease have you written for me?

We have a set of rules for Chinese medicine to see a doctor, hope, smell, ask, cut, what pulse, what tongue?

What are the symptoms?

I have to write clearly to me.

What medicine do you use in this syndrome?

If you just say a word, you can’t do it.

銆€銆€Tian Yuan: Just tell him that no matter whether it is a Chinese medicine practitioner or a Chinese medicine practitioner, or if you want to open a Chinese medicine medicine, you must write a clear ink case.

銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: Li, law, prescription, medicine must be written clearly, and all four clinics must be written clearly.

We used to have rules in the past.

You may say that this person has a headache, fever, thirst, weak pulse, yellow tongue coating.
Based on these judgments: caused by wind and cold.

What is the general principle by symptom differentiation and what is the general principle?

What medicine is applied?

The solution is to clear the heat; what medicine?

Yinqiao Jiedu Pills, or Yinqiaosan.

This is the rational, the law, the party, the medicine.

Chinese medicine is comprehensive, and now it is good, just two words – cold, cold and heat particles, you take five boxes.
Where is this doctor?
銆€銆€Tian Yuan: There are indeed many existing problems.

There is also the problem of machine decocting. Jin Shiyuan: This decocting, I have always had a view, it should be improved, to keep up with the pace of the times.

In the past, our decocting herbs were casserole decocting drugs. In fact, they are quite scientific. It is not a metal, it is an earth product, and it is close to the human body.

Casserole decocting, decocting time, first frying, then lower, head frying, two frying, this is a scientific method, the people have mastered.

Now this decocting machine is not, take your medicine down, and give you a bag when you are finished, and come out.

You smell the medicine much lighter, you see that the color of the medicine is also much lighter, you have not tasted so much, of course, the efficacy – it is hard to say.

Just for the convenience of the map, save trouble.

This move was originally made by South Korea, and now our country has also caught up!

Do you say this decocting machine science?

銆€銆€Tahara: I heard that South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia are all getting rich in Chinese herbal medicine.

銆€銆€Jin Shiyuan: That is even more embarrassing.

There are many people who are not Chinese medicine practitioners. They may be taking medicine. They may also be Western medicine. Under the banner of Chinese medicine, in the United Kingdom, Austria, open clinics to earn money.

After going out, he said that he is a Chinese medicine expert in traditional Chinese medicine. He is a doctor and an academician. In fact, nothing is.

Using Chinese medicine to make a fortune, but the reputation of traditional Chinese medicine has been ruined.

Hey, think that traditional Chinese medicine has to be managed from the roots.

You can see that the study of this college is now a Chinese medicine major. The books of Western medicine are more than the books of traditional Chinese medicine. It is intuitive, understandable, and can be seen in the microscope.

So many difficult Chinese medicine theories: What is the yin and yang five elements?

What is the four clinics and eight classes?

Students don’t love learning, and no one can do anything about it.

Therefore, the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine has become a saying, how do you revitalize?

Did you really work hard?

I know the meeting and I can’t solve the actual problem.

I was still looking for me at the meeting. I said that I signed up and left. You don’t need this name?

a woman who is crazy about sex


a woman who is crazy about sex

Fingering techniques include direct stimulation of sexy fingering.

Especially from psychological stimulation.

Women’s sex can be improved at once; the best way is to fool around the pubic hair.

銆€銆€The pubic hair can be said to be the most inferior part of women’s body. According to the data, most women are very concerned about the long method of pubic hair, thick and so on. Under this psychological effect, the pubic hair refers to the shame of women.The heart, the slenderness turns into a strong sexual impulse, making women crazy.

銆€銆€This is the most common fingering technique.

In sex, when the penis slowly rotates in the female reproductive organs, if the male is in the normal position, the body is raised slightly, and the fingertips of the two or three fingers are repeatedly inserted into the pubic hair to comb.

It’s like using a fingertip or a finger to rub it, it’s fine, even tampering with care, or wrapping it with your fingers, or combing it with a thin stare, using the handle as a comb, carefully and slowly combing, this isThe focus of the technique.

銆€銆€Of course, position outside the normal position can also be performed.

銆€銆€When a woman has already agreed with her, the face of the pubic hair is touched by a thin place, which will only provoke her more intense shame.

At the same time, I feel that my pubic hair is entangled in a thin thing of a man, and the psychological joy is self-evident, and it stimulates strong sexual excitement.

銆€銆€Compared with men, female sexual intercourse is quite psychologically felt.

Therefore, they are often controlled by emotions and care about whether they are loved.

Only by knowing the psychology of women, can we get enough women’s real joy, just physical, and mentally attacked, it’s okay for women to become 鈥渄isordered again鈥?Samples can be “. In addition to this pointing technique, you can add a simultaneous fingering technique; that is, use your fingers to fiddle with a woman’s hair and touch it with a rope.

銆€銆€Hair is also one of the psychological and sexy bands of women. If you can be touched with pubic hair at the same time, the sexual excitement will be further enhanced.

In addition, you can use your tongue to lick the female’s earlobe to the neck.

At this time, the movement of the penis is slow, making her worry about the rotational movement.

銆€銆€This technique can be carried out in sexual intercourse and can also be used in the foreplay.

Out of the shame of provoking women, disturbing her psychology.

Women should increase blood and nourish blood


Women should increase blood and nourish blood

The human body is the “body of flesh and blood.”

Only bloody feet make the skin easy to rosy, and the face is shiny; only the flesh can be muscular and full-bodied.

For a woman who loses weight, the pursuit of fullness and beautiful face should focus on nourishing blood.

銆€銆€The motherland medicine has long pointed out: “Women should be based on nourishing the blood”, which is due to the fact that women’s physiology has a lot of periodic blood consumption.

If a woman is not good at nourishing blood, she will easily appear pale lips, pale complexion, dryness, dizziness, vertigo, limb paralysis, fatigue, shortness of breath and other blood deficiency syndrome, that is, anemia.

Severe anemia, it is also very easy to premature wrinkles, white hair, tooth loss, squatting and other symptoms of premature aging.

It can be seen that women must increase their awareness of nourishing blood and nourishing blood. So how do women raise blood and blood?

銆€銆€Always stay optimistic.

銆€銆€A happy mood and a cheerful personality can not only improve the body’s immunity, but also contribute to physical health.

At the same time, it can promote the bone marrow hematopoietic function in the human bones to flourish, so that the skin is rosy and shiny.

銆€銆€Pay attention to diet conditioning.

Women should eat some small amounts of “hematopoietic raw materials” of high-quality protein, essential trace elements (iron, copper, etc.), folic acid and vitamin B12 and other nutritious foods.

Such as animal liver, kidney, kidney, blood, fish, shrimp, eggs, soy products, black fungus, black sesame, red dates, peanuts and fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

銆€銆€Always participate in physical exercise activities.

Especially for women who have been born, it is necessary to take part in physical exercise and outdoor activities as much as possible, at least half an hour a day.

Such as aerobics, running, walking, playing, swimming, dancing, etc., breathing fresh air, enhancing physical strength and hematopoiesis.

銆€銆€Learn to live a scientific life.

Develop a modern scientific and healthy lifestyle, such as not partial eclipse, do not stay up late, quit smoking and alcohol, do not eat snacks, not in the special physiological stage such as menstruation or puerperium.

Ensure that you have enough sleep and plenty of energy and strength, and that you can do your living sometimes, have fun, and work and rest.

銆€銆€To cure bleeding hardening.

Women with diabetes, menstrual disorders, intestinal parasitic diseases, atrophic gastritis, upper gastrointestinal ulcers, hemorrhoids or repeated nosebleeds, etc., should be treated as soon as possible, as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Should supplement the nourishing medicated diet.

Dangshen red dates: 15 grams of Codonopsis pilosula each time, 15 red dates, decoction soup tea; 60 grams of maltose, 20 red dates, add water to cook cooked food; medlar red dates 鐓?eggs: 20 grams each time, red dates 8After the eggs are cooked, peel the shell and cook for a while, eat the egg soup; Xianren porridge: 20 grams of Shouwu, 20 grams of glutinous rice, 60 grams of previous rice, 15 red dates, brown sugar, porridge, fully nourishing effect.

Severe anemia can be added to the ferrous sulfate tablets.

銆€銆€To prevent too many abortions, this certainly consumes a lot less blood.

It is also an important condition for women to gain weight and ensure full body.

This kind of plant in the countryside is flooding, and farmers are trying to eradicate it, but it is a good health care product.


This kind of plant in the countryside is flooding, and farmers are trying to eradicate it, but it is a good health care product.

The wild herbs in nature are endless!

In the countryside, a wild grass can be a kind of herb for treating diseases. Don’t underestimate these weeds. Its efficacy may be that some valuable herbs can’t be replaced, just as we often say that the industry has specialization.Every herb has its own uniqueness, and it is unique. It is necessary to find the corresponding herb according to the specific condition, so that it can be cured.

It is also the same to nourish the body. To understand your body, don’t blindly use some valuable herbs. Think that this is good for your health. Sometimes it will distort the reaction, just like our body is very hot inside. If you stillUse some big supplements, which will make your body more and more ill.

So let us talk about “wild pueraria” today!

Wild Pueraria is a butterfly-shaped flower plant. It is a beautiful ornamental climbing plant. It originated in southern and foreign Japan and is the only plant among the ten notorious invasive species.

When the wild Pueraria was officially appointed as the United States, it was touted as a 鈥渘aturally strong, fast-growing鈥?ground cover that could help local people to suppress soil erosion problems. It is precisely because of these two advantages.Wild Pueraria has acquired two new nicknames, one is 鈥渆at the southern climbing plant鈥?and the other is 鈥済reen dangerous thing鈥? but the wild Pueraria has been introduced into the United States and has spread wildly in the southern states of the United States, flooding into disasters, and evenTo spread to the north, at this time, wild Pueraria has almost no natural enemies. Its existence has caused serious ecological disasters in the southern states of the United States. People have tried to eliminate it.

Wild Pueraria is located in it, except Xinjiang and Tibet. The rest of the area is distributed. It has strong adaptability. It is generally uphill in the warm and humid sun, and can grow on the roadside of the forest. It has certain cold and drought tolerance.The requirements for the soil are not high. The purple flowers are opened in July-August of each year; the results from September to October; it has a thick substitute for the large roots, the surface of the roots is brown, with longitudinal wrinkles, and some roots around the roots.It’s the right size, the largest root can grow to about 5 meters, depending on whether you have this luck.

After the excavation is carried out every year, the impurities are freshly removed, washed, cut into thick pieces or small pieces, and dried for use.

Wild Pueraria is a kind of vegetable that is often eaten in some provinces in the south. It tastes cool and delicious. It is commonly used to make soups. It is also a traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effect of yang diarrhea and heat-dissolving.In the treatment of spleen deficiency and diarrhea, fever, thirst, attending exogenous fever, head pain, measles opacity, warm disease thirst, diabetes, alcoholism, chest pain and other complications.

Pueraria can also be made into arrowroot powder, which has the effect of clearing away heat and removing heat from the body. Regular consumption of arrowroot powder can make bones strong, strong and healthy, and prolong life.

Especially for female friends, you should always eat some arrowroot powder, because it is the best product for breast enhancement. The weather is getting colder. We all start to like hot pot, but it is easy to get angry, so after every hot pot, drink.A bowl of warm pueraria can not only help you to try it, but also prevent you from trying it!

If you have more knowledge about wild Pueraria, please leave a message!

More massage, 4 acupuncture points can be healthy!


More massage, 4 acupuncture points can be healthy!

Source: (Reprinted) Xuan Ling Dao Xuan Ling Dao People We often say that there are dead points in the body. For these dead points, you can’t easily touch them, and you can’t touch them casually. If you are not careful, you may die.

For example, the temple, the key to this extreme point, if you touch it casually, someone will lose his life, not to mention the deliberate touch.

In fact, there is also a deadly “dead hole” in our neck. If you touch it at will, it will lead to death. In the news, you will see that the couple kiss, causing the acupuncture point to be stuck.People who cause death can’t help thinking.

What is this acupuncture point?

This acupuncture point is the carotid sinus. At the upper edge of the flat thyroid cartilage, it belongs to the acupuncture point on the arterial blood vessel and can sense the change of blood pressure.

For the acupuncture points, the doctor reminds everyone to be careful and not to press and touch at will. Once you press it arbitrarily, it may even cause the heartbeat to slow down, the blood pressure to drop, and the fainting, which is a “dead hole” that cannot be touched at will.

Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that you should not touch this acupuncture point because it is really dangerous.

There are dead points in the body, and there are also some acupuncture points that are good for body health. These acupuncture points, proper massage can better care for the body, let’s take a look.

1 Sanyinjiao Sanyinjiao is an important acupuncture point, especially suitable for women’s health care. It is very good for improving female body. For example, women with menstrual discomfort and leucorrhea abnormalities can massage this acupuncture point.

In addition, women massage this acupoint, can also reduce the appearance of pigmentation on the face, is also effective for beauty, skin care, beauty.

2 Chengshan acupoint moisture also has an effect on the body. Humidity will affect health, and correct removal of moisture is critical. Massage can also relieve and remove moisture.

At this time, you can massage Chengshan.

As acupuncture points on the meridian of the bladder, massaging this acupuncture point is good for the body and can make the function of transporting water wet, which is extremely effective for removing moisture.

3 Neiguan Point Massage Neiguan Point is also good for body health. As a rescue point, for example, there is a heart attack, you can massage this point to relieve your discomfort.

In the usual massage of Neiguan points, it can prevent headaches and cervical spine fractures.

4 Baihui points life pressure is getting bigger and bigger, reducing stress to achieve the key things, by massage Baihui points, can relieve the effect of stress, is very good for improving the vitality of brain cells, the elderly often massage Baihui points, but also preventAlzheimer’s disease.

The correct use of massage and health care is a method that Chinese medicine has always advocated. It can better alleviate physical discomfort. I hope that everyone will know more about it, scientific massage and health care, and can constantly improve the body and make your body better.

Xuan Ling Dao secret system:[nine steamed nine sun black sesame pills]hair care, nourishing, nourishing, raising nest, nourishing the kidney, nourishing the heart, nourishing, nourishing, nourishing, nourishing.

Long-term use of nine steamed and sun-dried black sesame pills can not only improve the physical condition, but also prolong life and slow down aging.

After serving for 100 days, it can remove the disease, a year of skin luster, two years of white hair anti-black, three years of life, four years of water and fire can not be harmed, five years and running horses, long service longevity.

[Nine steamed nine sun yellow fine pills]for Sun Siwei Taoist health classic formula: nine steamed nine sun yellow essence, nine steamed nine sun black sesame, honey, Junchen compatibility, complement each other.

It has significantly enhanced the body’s hemoglobin, increased the glycogen content of the liver, improved the mood, and caused the coordination of nerve excitation and inhibition, thereby achieving the purpose of replenishing the essence of the pill, solidifying the kidney, delaying the deterioration of renal function, and prolonging life.

There are only sesame seeds in the world, but the world has eaten!

Xuan Lingdao people’s common name: Liu Wenshun, the road number Xuan Lingzi, the road name Liu Zhishun, the Department of the Promise.

Taoist Quanzhen Longmen dispatched twenty-one generation descendants, national first-class artist, Zhongnanhai national ceremony artist, director of Chinese Calligraphers Association, member of Hebei Branch of China Artists Association, physician of China Dao Medical Research Institute, Beijing Wujitang Taoist InstituteLong, Taoist feng shui inheritor!

The Taoist feng shui painting inheritor, the main attacking flowers and birds, landscapes, twelve zodiac, and the literary master Zhong Rong and other students born in Taoism, from childhood to practice the secret law, Dao Dan internal work, Zhou Yi Feng Shui metaphysics, calligraphy and painting Wugong Guoxue and other traditional culture, read the ancient booksAs well as Taoist classic books, study Wudang Mountain, Zhongnan Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain, Longhu Mountain and other famous mountains and rivers, many places of high school singular secrets to teach the true biography, Xuan Dao view to cultivate for many years, build the foundation to cultivate the true, diligent practice, deep and simple, see laterIn today’s rapid development of society, more pressures, troubles, disasters, diseases and other issues have emerged, to promote traditional culture, to spread Taoist ideas, to study and cultivate practical Taoist knowledge, to unite and develop Taoist people, to guide the majority of believers, to avoid dangerFierce, serving the people, benefiting mankind, after the majority of believers pleading and pondering, the Taoist resolutely came out to establish the Wujitang Taoist Institute in the second year.