2014 Brazil World Cup top 16 against the qualifying team Brazil Chile started on the 29th _1

The top 16 teams in the Brazil 2014 World Cup against the qualifying teams Brazil and Chile kicked off on the 29th
With Brazil’s 4-1 victory over Cameroon and Mexico’s 3-1 victory over democracy, Group A’s qualifying dust settled, and the two teams had 7 points together. Brazil has the advantage of a goal difference, and Mexico won the group first; while inIn Group B, the Netherlands won first place in the group and Chile won second place in the group. In the round of 16, the Brazil played against Chile and Mexico played against the Netherlands.   The group matches of Group A and Group B of the Brazil World Cup have just ended. The early qualifying Netherlands finally defeated Chile 2-0 to win the first place in the group, while Chile ranked second, followed by Brazil 4-1 defeated Cameroon to win the first place in the group.Mexico beat Croatia 3-1 because they lost two goal difference goals and ranked second.As the rankings of the two groups settled, the top 16 also came out in two games, Brazil will play against Chile, and Mexico will play against the Netherlands.  The match between Brazil and Chile will start at 0:00 Beijing time on June 29, and the match between the Netherlands and Mexico will start at 0:00 Beijing time on June 30.