[How to make Shandong noodles?

】 _How to do_Method

[How to make Shandong noodles?
】 _How to do_Method

Shandong Dianming Noodles is a very popular pasta. The raw materials of Shandong Dianming Noodles are made from low-gluten flour. The ingredients are made from many nutritious ingredients such as black fungus, eggs, day lily and other ingredients.Shreds, scallions, and other protrusions are then fried and boiled.

Shandong Dianming noodles are delicious, but many people do not know how to make them.

Let ‘s take a look next.


Method 1 The main raw materials are low-gluten flour, black fungus, daylily, eggs, spring onion, and an appropriate amount of ginger and low-gluten flour.

Mushrooms (preferably mashed mushrooms), bacon (or ordinary pork belly if not available).

Practice 1.

Basically, the ratio of water to water is 2: 1. If you add eggs, the water will be relatively small. The noodles on the hand surface should be harder, more chewy and won’t turn into noodle soup after being cooked.


The noodles are all right (the highest state of noodles: face light, hand light, basin light), spread a rag or cover the cover to wake up for 30 minutes, during which you can prepare halogen.

Marinated soup ingredients: black fungus, daylily, eggs, mushrooms (preferably mashed mushrooms), bacon (or use ordinary pork belly if not available), minced green onion, and ginger.


Black fungus and day lily should be soaked in hot water, then the fungus is chopped, day lily rooted and cut into sections, mushroom sliced, pork belly diced and set aside;

Break the eggs, scramble the eggs, scramble the eggs and set aside for later use; 5.

5. Add minced ginger and diced minced ginger to a frying pan; 6.

Add the fungus and daylily, and add mushroom 7 after about 5 minutes.

Finally, add the previously fried eggs and simmer out of the pan.

Noodle Practice 1: Separate the large dough into several small portions of the palm, take a portion to make a pastry 2: Spread more flour on the pastry, fold it 3: Cut the folded pastry into small strips with a knife: Open the noodles and you can cook in the pot!

5 The cooked noodles are topped with the brine prepared before, plus beef sauce, what a beautiful meal?
Moved while eating!

Be careful to put more soy sauce, soy sauce tastes heavy to be delicious!


Practice 21.

After the shiitake mushrooms, yellow flowers, fungus, and hazel mushrooms are boiled with boiling water, dry the water and cut into suitable lengths.

But don’t forget to save the soup they use.


Two chicken drumsticks are cooked and shredded by hand.

Do not cut with a knife.


After the oil is hot, put the spring onions, stir fry the chicken for one minute, add the mushrooms, yellow flowers, fungus, hazel mushrooms, and stir fry for another 2 minutes. Add the soup with these ingredients into the pot first.Add water, never had these things.


Put the old soy, salt, some sugar (not much), and salt in order.


It is estimated that when these things are cooked, insert one direction and pour the water starch (probably a bowl).

After being halogenated, toss the beaten 2 eggs into it.

Turn off the fire after half a minute.

End away from the stove.6.

Use a small container (a scoop is enough), pour some cooking oil, add peppercorns, and heat on the fire. When the oil is hot and the peppercorns come out, turn off the heat and immediately evenly pour into the already beatenIt is simmered, but before eating, remember to pick out three peppers.

Method 3 Ingredients “2 eggs”, “1 noodles”, “1 soup stock”, “Taibai powder water 1 bowl”, “Scallion and coriander seasoning”, “Soy sauce amount”, “White pepper amount”, “Black vinegar”Moderate “,” sesame oil content “,” one piece of duck blood “,” one box of tofu “,” 100g shredded bamboo shoots “,” carrot half “,” 100g fungus “,” one package of golden needle mushroom “,” half of Korean cabbage “, “Garlic clove 2 petals” approach 1.

Wash and shred all the ingredients into the boiled broth, then add soy sauce, black vinegar, white pepper, and season 2.

When it is boiled, add the white powder water to simmer and turn to low heat. Add the egg mixture and mix well. Pour in the sesame oil and sprinkle the cilantro and spring onion. This is a bowl of delicious hot and sour soup. Add the cooked Yangchun noodles to a hot bowl.Big noodles